Welcoming 2012 and Good Bye 2011

Studies have shown that the simple act of writing down goals greatly improves the odds of accomplishing them. So as I am writing my goals for 2012 and reflecting on 2011 I am thinking 2 things.

First, setting goals and creating a map for the New Year is great way to attain your goals. Number two is no matter how much you plan, life seems to throw you a few curve balls here and there.
Do you set goals for the New Year? If so do you keep them in your head, file them in a document or write them down on paper?
Well if I tried to keep them in my head I would forget them all by January 2cd. I love my computer and Ipad but there is something therapeutic about taking a pen and paper and methodically writing them out. They seem real, more attainable and definitely more concrete.
Well here are my goals for 2012:

  1. Do not spend money on anything that isn’t necessary or pre-budgeted for.
  2. Learn to say “NO” sometimes and realize it’s OK
  3. Be more compassionate and encourage my children to be more compassionate
  4. Spend more time outdoors. Especially in our backyard
  5. Learn more about blogging and photography
  6. When life throws curve balls learn to bounce back a little easier
  7. Breathe new life into my Family Room and Kitchen on a very tight budget
  8. More dates with my husband
  9. Organize, Organize and more Organizing
  10. To have more “mini-Martha moments”
  11. Keep up with bookwork, paperwork and Ky’s homework
  12. Embrace the different stages in life my children are at

There you have it my 12 Goals for 2012

What are yours? Do you like to write them out or just fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best?

Happy Holidays and New Year

Happy Holidays & New Year

I wanted to send out a letter of appreciation and update to all of my amazing Clients. First may I wish everyone a healthy and happy 2012. I am so appreciative of all your well wishes, support and love over the past couple of months. Trust me, every time I am at physical therapy and pushing myself I am thinking of you, my family and everyone’s encouragement.

Here is a little re-cap if I haven’t caught up with you. I had shoulder surgery on September 23rd. What started out as a “little” surgery became a “bigger” surgery once they got in there. They had to repair and reattach my ligament and clean up some other things in my shoulder. So what I thought was only going to be a 2-3 week recovery turned into a much LONGER recovery that I was not prepared for at all. This has created a huge emotional, financial and physical strain on me and my family. Without the support of Ron, my parents, Ron’s parents, my children, friends and all of your great cards and well wishes I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last 13 weeks. I feel so blessed. Thank You.

Well speaking of stress I want to also thank Debbye, Nicole and Ali for helping with all of my clients. Talk about adding to their workload but they all stepped up to help me. I want to Thank You for being flexible and working with their already busy schedules. Also I want to apologize if you were one of the ones in a lost appointment, email, text or voicemail. Sometimes the past 3 months have felt like an out of body experience, with my mind not always 100% (like it was 100% before the surgery hehe) PLEASE reach out to me if you got lost in the craziness.

I have been up to a few things while I have been off. A LOT of 1 handed crafting, starting my first blog, learning a little more about photography, online hair classes, and spending some very special time with my family.

What is ahead for the New Year? Well the good news is if I am very dedicated to my physical therapy they expect me to have 100% range of motion and use of my shoulder and arm. Yipeee. The reason if is underlined is because in order to make a full recovery they do not want me to go back to work until the 1st week of February. This is really hard for me for many reasons, but mostly because I miss The World’s Best Clients! However I think  I should follow the doctor’s orders. So if you have any appointments you have questions on, or need to make one please  email  me at:

email: amybertdavis@gmail.com

Please go check out my blog at: www.winecountrymama.com

You can subscribe and get my updates there.

I miss everyone so much and am looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Love and Happiness


PS: you can also follow me on twitter at @amykaydee

Davis Family Holiday Card by Kathy Kellebrew Photography

My Mini-Martha Moment

I went to a favorite holiday event this weekend. One of my dear friends has an annual wreath making party at her beautiful country home. She hosts this annual event for friends and family on her wrap-around porch surrounded by vineyard. It was a very windy but beautiful day.

Vineyard View

She hosts it open house style with everyone sharing their greenery, berries, flowers and inspiration. Plenty of inspiration from all ages….

this is G and she is a natural at making wreaths


Aren’t these BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I love me some Hydrangeas!

So I decided to try to get my inspiration from MarthaStewart.com.

MarthaStewart.com wreath.

I loved the 3 wreaths running down the ribbon on the front door.

So I went to work using small redwood branches, pine with mini pine-cones and rose hips. I made 3 eighteen inch wreaths.

my wreath

a little more colorful than Martha’s version but I love it. (I swear it’s round even though it doesn’t look like it in this picture) I had some wired ribbon that was a copy of burlap/jute webbing that I wanted to use.

When I got home I was pooped. All that creative energy is exhausting, I just don’t know how Martha does it. hehe.

So today I got to work, with my sweet husband’s help, hanging the wreaths on the door without using any nails ( no holes in our door).  With a wreath hanger, 2 tacks and fishing line and lots of patience my creation was hung on the door. Please kids no slamming the front door.

Mini Martha front door

Yikes I need to fix that bare spot in the middle one.

front porch

So at least from my front porch “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” Next to conquer is my mantel!!!

This week has been busy….. I am wondering how work is going to start fitting back in my life. The physical therapist and Doctor gave me the go ahead to start in the middle of the month doing 1 client a day, I am nervous and excited at the same time. I miss everyone so much!!! Colton went down to visit his big sis and look at Chapman. Ky had basketball and he and his dad went pheasant hunting early this morning. He got 2. He is definitely a chip off his dads block.

I hope you all had a busy but fulfilling week! Tomorrow is a new week and a fresh start!!!

PS my sweet friend I work with gave me the name mini-Martha so I HAD to use it in my title.

more furniture before and afters

Here are a few more….

Salvation Army Chairs $5 each

Salvation Army Chairs After now known in our house as "the Giraffe Chairs"

Giraffe Chair Close up

The chairs came from the Red Bluff Salvation Army. We stopped there on our way home from summer vacation at Lake Almanor. They were $5 each and pretty darn dusty but sturdy. I piled them in the car and brought them home.

They were my first ever chair and cushion re-do. I was very thankful that my sweet husband surprised me with a palm sander to start these off. It makes the job so much faster! I removed the old ucky cushions first, then cleaned the wood and sanded them down. The next step I spray painted them with Rustoleum Spray paint in the color straw. They were a little too yellow so I glazed them with a glaze of an espresso paint and water. I stenciled the crown on the top using just the espresso paint. Then it was time to recover the cushions. My first idea was to just recover the cushions with a cream canvas material I already had, well that didn’t work out so well with all the dirt coming through the new fabric. YUKKKK! So off to the fabric store I went to buy foam and scout out some new fabric. I knew I wanted some fabric with ivory and brown but I wanted it to have some spunk. Well what do you know this Giraffe fabric came jumping out at me and it was even on SALE. So now the saying in my house is, “did you hear Giraffe is the new Zebra this season” I cut the foam, covered it with my new fabric and used another power tool, a staple gun, to finish the cushions. I stood back and was so darn happy with my creation, that was it I was hooked I was now a DIYer.

Here is a little table I redid that I got out of a dumpster…….shhhh yes I dumpster dove. I used the same painting process as I did on the chairs.

Dumpster table re done

sorry no before pictures but it was just a plain ol’ end table


Thanks for stopping by!!!

My heart swelled…. this Mama is proud.

Last Sunday as Kaylee and I were driving up our street she blurted out, “Did you see that? There is a vanity on the sidewalk marked free.” She was driving and of course I wasn’t paying attention. ( it is such a great feeling to not have to ride white knuckled with your child driving anymore) So we turned around and there she was, a cute petite vanity with art deco knobs and a darling round mirror. There it was all alone with a piece of binder paper taped to the mirror marked “FREE”. Kaylee was so excited as we imagined everything we could do to pretty her up. Only 1 problem …… I can’t lift anything and how were we going to get her into the suburban?? Just as we were ready to approach the house a very nice man came out and to his amazement there was a vanity on his sidewalk. He had no idea how it got there but he was so nice and unscrewed the mirror and helped Kay put it in the back of the suburban. Here are a couple of pictures of her.

here she is after we got her home these knobs will be so cute when they are cleaned up

The reason I am so proud is because my daughter saw the potential! Not from a pricey store bought item but something original she can be proud of after a little TLC. If you have any ideas for her leave me a comment, I would love to hear them.

I am including some of my before and afters in this post so you can see where she gets it from.

nightstand before

night stand now in Kaylee's room

Childhood rocker from parents attic "before"

Childhood rocker "after" on front porch