more furniture before and afters

Here are a few more….

Salvation Army Chairs $5 each

Salvation Army Chairs After now known in our house as "the Giraffe Chairs"

Giraffe Chair Close up

The chairs came from the Red Bluff Salvation Army. We stopped there on our way home from summer vacation at Lake Almanor. They were $5 each and pretty darn dusty but sturdy. I piled them in the car and brought them home.

They were my first ever chair and cushion re-do. I was very thankful that my sweet husband surprised me with a palm sander to start these off. It makes the job so much faster! I removed the old ucky cushions first, then cleaned the wood and sanded them down. The next step I spray painted them with Rustoleum Spray paint in the color straw. They were a little too yellow so I glazed them with a glaze of an espresso paint and water. I stenciled the crown on the top using just the espresso paint. Then it was time to recover the cushions. My first idea was to just recover the cushions with a cream canvas material I already had, well that didn’t work out so well with all the dirt coming through the new fabric. YUKKKK! So off to the fabric store I went to buy foam and scout out some new fabric. I knew I wanted some fabric with ivory and brown but I wanted it to have some spunk. Well what do you know this Giraffe fabric came jumping out at me and it was even on SALE. So now the saying in my house is, “did you hear Giraffe is the new Zebra this season” I cut the foam, covered it with my new fabric and used another power tool, a staple gun, to finish the cushions. I stood back and was so darn happy with my creation, that was it I was hooked I was now a DIYer.

Here is a little table I redid that I got out of a dumpster…….shhhh yes I dumpster dove. I used the same painting process as I did on the chairs.

Dumpster table re done

sorry no before pictures but it was just a plain ol’ end table


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