My heart swelled…. this Mama is proud.

Last Sunday as Kaylee and I were driving up our street she blurted out, “Did you see that? There is a vanity on the sidewalk marked free.” She was driving and of course I wasn’t paying attention. ( it is such a great feeling to not have to ride white knuckled with your child driving anymore) So we turned around and there she was, a cute petite vanity with art deco knobs and a darling round mirror. There it was all alone with a piece of binder paper taped to the mirror marked “FREE”. Kaylee was so excited as we imagined everything we could do to pretty her up. Only 1 problem …… I can’t lift anything and how were we going to get her into the suburban?? Just as we were ready to approach the house a very nice man came out and to his amazement there was a vanity on his sidewalk. He had no idea how it got there but he was so nice and unscrewed the mirror and helped Kay put it in the back of the suburban. Here are a couple of pictures of her.

here she is after we got her home these knobs will be so cute when they are cleaned up

The reason I am so proud is because my daughter saw the potential! Not from a pricey store bought item but something original she can be proud of after a little TLC. If you have any ideas for her leave me a comment, I would love to hear them.

I am including some of my before and afters in this post so you can see where she gets it from.

nightstand before

night stand now in Kaylee's room

Childhood rocker from parents attic "before"

Childhood rocker "after" on front porch

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