52 Weeks to an organized home week 1

If you remember my post http://winecountrymama.com/2011/12/30/welcoming-2012-and-good-bye-2011/ you’ll see that one of my 2012 goals, number 9 to be exact, is organize, organize and more organizing. To help keep me on track I joined
52 Week Organized Home Challenge

I figured this would help me be more accountable.

Week #1 Organized Home Challenge
Kitchen Organization: Countertops & Sink

I was glad it was a pretty easy one to start out. You really don’t realize how much clutter is on your kitchen counters until you see the after pictures wow. My goal is to keep my kitchen sink clean. No dirty dishes left in the sink. I have shared this with my children, we will see how it goes………

Here are my before and after pictures:

cluttered kitchen counter typical day

as you can see we definitely have a  junk mail/ litter problem

typical day


So I worked on de-cluttering. I put a couple of baskets in the glass cabinet for mail and papers. Deep cleaned the sink and counters.

I would still like to figure something out for the cords (chargers etc.)  I can really see how mentally it makes a huge difference having a clean sink and uncluttered counters.

clutter free


after: clutter free


kitchen organized


I love this cute little red plate it adds some color and corrals my soaps. When we put in our kitchen we put in an appliance garage that hides all kinds of clutter.

So my first week is done now it’s just keeping it that way that is the challenge.

Week 2 is going to be more of a challenge its kitchen cabinets

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