In Love with an Old Window….

I am here with a new before and after. I fell in love with this old chippy wooden window at an estate sale and for $5 even my husband couldn’t say no to this love affair. Here is what he looked like before:

I could see his potential

and you can see my reflection in the window….

After I had my first adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I knew he would be my next victim subject.

So I applied 2 layers of Old Ochre then just a few swipes with Duck Egg to add to the texture and make him look his age.

Old Window with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

To the left of the picture is 2 coats of Old Ochre with swipes of Duck Egg, on the right side of the picture is after 2 coats of clear wax with a little dark wax over it. I can not express how much I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.   Can you see why?

So in Phase 2 I chipped away all the plaster holding in the glass panes and carefully removed them. I had some cork here from another project so I cut it to size and covered it with this lovely Parisian inspired fabric.

cork covered with fabric

I just hot glued the fabric around the cork, making sure there weren’t any wrinkles or creases.

The last phase was the dangerous fun part. Having never worked with chicken wire I learned to next time wear gloves. Yikes its sharp. I stole the chicken wire from my dad, he had it leftover from building his chicken coup, so note to self: next time ask dad for tips on working with chicken wire before you actually do the project. I used my staple gun and stapled one side of the chicken wire to the back of the window frame, cut it to size with needle-nose pliers (next time I will use something that will cut easier) and stapled the rest into place. This is how it looked after 1 side complete

one side with chicken wire

The opposite side I did the same. I bent the wire down with pliers after I stapled it all, to hold the cork in place. I am going to hang it right in my entry, the first thing everyone sees when they walk in the door. I think it will be fun to change out the pictures etc. for each holiday. So watch out mister you are going to be dressed up for Valentine’s day. Every mans dream come true.

window after

His close-up

What do you all think? I’d love to hear your feedback!

I really want to take the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class at Roost Consignment on the 28th but after not working due to my shoulder for 5 months I can’t really justify spending the money yet. But it sounds like I would learn a lot! You can click here if you are interested in the info on the class.

Take Care,


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17 thoughts on “In Love with an Old Window….

  1. LOVE what you did with this window – haven’t seen one quite like it. Great idea – I have a LOT of windows waiting for some inspiration out in my barn! :) I maybe have just gotten the needed inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love it! Found you at Shades of Amber. I have some beat up windows, will give this a shot. You can checkout my neighbor hater screen that I did with Coffee Bags.

  3. This is cute! It caught my eye on one of the link parties (I don’t remember now which one!) I have some old windows just like this, next week I might try my hand at that. TDC (Too Darn Cute).


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  5. Hi Amy, love the chicken wire idea, have a stash of old windows, this is a must try. thanks, come visit me on pinterest and check out my crafty creations board @ Tahlula’s Treasures :)sharon

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