Life as a working winecountrymama

Hi Everyone

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I have been working hard on my PT and getting back to work at my day job as a hairstylist. I feel so much stronger and am loving working without the chronic shoulder pain. While it is so amazing seeing my clients and doing something that I love to do everyday again, I have to say it has been a challenge for me. I feel like my head is spinning all the time. I think I got used to being alone all day and now trying to still keep up the house, groceries, work, paperwork etc. is so much harder. I know it will get easier each day I am very thankful for that.¬† When I was reading one of my favorite blogs Centsationalgirl and saw her quote today it made me feel so much better!


I put it immediately up as my screen saver. I need to remember this.

I am working on some DIY projects to share in the upcoming week, but first I am working on something else for you…….

My husband and I started a class called Financial Peace University it is a program developed by Dave Ramsey. It is a great program! We have been working on our budget, looking where we are and are not spending our money etc. So because my brain isn’t swimming enough already, I am trying to come up with ways to spend time with friends and family while maintaining¬† our (low for now) entertaining budget. I am excited to say my next post will be all the ideas that I have come up with, or if you have any ideas leave me a comment. I also want to include some other money saving tips so please share!


Take Care


4 thoughts on “Life as a working winecountrymama

  1. HI Amy,
    Thanks so much for your link to Dave Ramsey. Right up my alley! I always enjoy your posts! Keep up the great work with finances…it can be fun and challenging!

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