Chalkboard Paint Served up on a Silver Platter

I spotted this idea last summer while visiting Kay in Orange. The town of Orange is filled with Antique Stores. It has the cutest old fashioned downtown area. We have spent hours browsing through the stores many times. On one of these visits I spotted the cutest shabby chic section that had a silver platter hanging on the wall, the middle was a chalkboard, I thought how cute until I saw the price tag. So, since that visit I have had the project in the back of my mind  and have slowly been collecting silver trays from Goodwill and thrift stores. Each averaging $5-$12. So after some trial and error I came up with the perfect way to copy the look, without the high price tag.

chalkboard trays before and after

My first attempt was in September (warm weather here in California) So I used Blue paint tape, taped off the rim and used chalkboard spray paint. It worked great, but…….. I decided to spray the rest in December for Christmas presents. I learned chalkboard spray paint and lower temps do not mix well. My paint turned a shiny black. So unfortunately they were not given as Christmas gifts. I came up with a new plan though, it worked great. I used liquid chalkboard paint with a sponge craft paintbrush. Two coats and perfection.

What do You think?

Chalkboard Trays

Here are some trays in action!!!!!!

Go Napa High Water Polo

Valentines Mantle

Valentines Mantel

The possibilities are endless…… Kitchen menu’s, to do list’s, love notes to your hubby or kids.  Do you have any other ideas?


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My Brain says “AHHHHH” after Organized Home Challenge #2

Well it was a busy week visiting Kaylee down south and an “impromptu” garage sale today after cleaning out the shed yesterday. I have to admit I didn’t have a lot of time for week 2′s challenge from but I did have time to shape up my pantry. I absolutely LOVE the way it feels when I open the cabinet doors. My brain says “ahhhh” when I look inside. It makes it really easy for the kids to find their snacks. I have found that having the plastic bins with labels make it really easy when I am baking or cooking. I have also been using plastic bins in the refrigerator to corral the different groupings of food like one for dressings, one for lunch meat etc.

Kitchen Pantry view 2

View 2 of Kitchen Pantry

A couple tips that I found that work so well. One is ditching the cereal boxes and use these plastic airtight containers and second  these glass jars from The Container Store rock! I used chalkboard contact paper and cut the labels with my Cricut. A fun thing I did, see the chalkboard container I put our instant oatmeal packets in,well I took a tin (cookies came in it) and spray painted it with chalkboard paint. It worked so well I am going to use this technique for more organization  throughout the house. I love me some chalkboard spray paint. I accidentally did week 3 challenge this week “pantry food storage” so this coming week I will do week 2 challenge by cleaning out my pots and pan cabinet and my lazy susan. Look for that post this coming week, along with a new project that I am totally in love with!

52 Week Organized Home Challenge