My heart swelled…. this Mama is proud.

Last Sunday as Kaylee and I were driving up our street she blurted out, “Did you see that? There is a vanity on the sidewalk marked free.” She was driving and of course I wasn’t paying attention. ( it is such a great feeling to not have to ride white knuckled with your child driving anymore) So we turned around and there she was, a cute petite vanity with art deco knobs and a darling round mirror. There it was all alone with a piece of binder paper taped to the mirror marked “FREE”. Kaylee was so excited as we imagined everything we could do to pretty her up. Only 1 problem …… I can’t lift anything and how were we going to get her into the suburban?? Just as we were ready to approach the house a very nice man came out and to his amazement there was a vanity on his sidewalk. He had no idea how it got there but he was so nice and unscrewed the mirror and helped Kay put it in the back of the suburban. Here are a couple of pictures of her.

here she is after we got her home these knobs will be so cute when they are cleaned up

The reason I am so proud is because my daughter saw the potential! Not from a pricey store bought item but something original she can be proud of after a little TLC. If you have any ideas for her leave me a comment, I would love to hear them.

I am including some of my before and afters in this post so you can see where she gets it from.

nightstand before

night stand now in Kaylee's room

Childhood rocker from parents attic "before"

Childhood rocker "after" on front porch

My Blessings

I feel I have many blessing in life. I have always felt like a “cups half full” kinda gal. I have a great family, friends and clients. We own a house, the cutest dog in the whole wide world and many other material/non-material things that make our life full. But don’t get me wrong I also have “there will be days like this my mama said” days. I had one yesterday in fact. The trails of not working, missing all my clients and not physically being able to do things can really get me down but then throw in a really painful and hard session of physical therapy and it kinda put me over the edge. I felt like I was going backwards instead of forwards. So after resting a little I decided to lift my spirits I would  start gathering props to take to my moms for the Thanksgiving Table. I am so excited to plan and decorate the table with my daughter this year. We have been going “Pintrest” crazy. If you don’t know what pintrest is you HAVE to check it out. you can pin up with me by following Amy Davis.
After lots of plotting and scheming we have come up with a theme of silver, bronze, gold and copper. You know me, I am a bling addict!
I also purchase small frames at the dollar Store in Vacaville, painted them copper and am going to use them as name tags either on the table or tied with a ribbon on the back of each chair.
I am heading off to my mom and dads again in the morning. My parents are picking up Kaylee at the airport at 9:00 so I will rush right there after PT so I can give her a great big hug and enjoy the rest of my family (aka blessings) for the Holiday. I will post pictures of the table when it’s all put together. I hope you are enjoying all of your “Blessings” this week!



Welcome to Winecountrymama

This is my first post on my first blog.

Why start a blog…….

1. I love or should i say LURVE reading me lots and lots of blogs on everything from DIY, crafts, decorating, recipes, inspiration and coupon clipping.

2. Being loved and encouraged by my daughter (this is where the mama comes from in my name) to co-workers and friends who see all my DIY projects and encourage me to start a blog.

3. I have been off work unexpectedly from shoulder surgery that is taking a looooong time to heal and is keeping me away from all of my clients that I LOVE and miss. This can be my way of communicating with the outside world.

4. Here is where the selfish part comes, since I am a self-employed hairstylist I am not making any money while I am off work so I have been trying to be on a no spend diet. This is very hard for me but very necessary so I thought if I put it out there to anyone who reads this blog I will be more accountable or maybe help someone struggling too. I have had successes and falls this month trying this. I have learned a LOT about the coupon world. I can’t say I will be featured on the show “extreme couponers” anytime soon I have a few exciting and successful shopping trips.

5. I am sure as my blog grows there will be more reasons for starting this blog I will let you know as I stumble upon them.

A little about me if you don’t know me……. I am proud to be a mom to 3 amazing kids, 1 daughter and 2 sons. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 21 years. We live in the beautiful Napa Valley. My husband and I are very lucky to be raised here and to be able to raise our kids here.  I LOVE my job as a hairstylist. I feel so blessed to have the clientele that I do, they are great and have been so supportive of me. My daughter is in her 2cd year of college in So Cal and I am so proud of her but miss her like crazy! My oldest son is a senior, he is a great artist and athlete. (I am not looking forward to him leaving in August for college) My youngest son, my baby just turned 13. He is a chip off of his fathers block. Well living in The Napa Valley can get very expensive especially with 3 kids so I am trying to learn ways to be thrifty, and still make my house and surroundings beautiful. I love to make craft projects and re-purposing furniture.