The Twin Tables

I have been working on these two side table/ nightstands for about a week. I purchased them at a local Goodwill store. I loved the clean lines, dove tailed drawers and sturdy build. I also happened to love they were built in Australia

Twin tables inside drawer


I was lucky because “love” was very inexpensive at The Goodwill Store this day! So I decided to bring them home. I painted them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White that I purchased from one of my favorite stores Roost. With help from Kaylee I painted and sanded them. After that, I waxed them with clear and dark wax to a beautiful sheen. I added beautiful glass prism pulls with an antique accent piece from another find.

What do you think?



Twin Tables after

Close up

my favorite helper

After Twin Tables

after: tabletop with flowers

After: tabletop with flower

Please leave me comments, what do you think? What else would you like to see?

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Home Stories A2Z

Home Stories A2Z

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The Shabby Nest

Martha and Annie work well together

I found this lonely tray at Goodwill  and knew it was meant to be special.

wooden tray before

It was scratched up but it had dove tailed corners and was really solid. Then on a trip to Micheal’s I was looking at all the amazing Martha Stewart Craft Paint, additives and stencils.

Picture from

Well a nice stencil caught my eye and they used a stucco additive to the stencil paint to make it appear bumpy like stucco.

Martha Stewart Products I used

Then I got out my favorite new Love….. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.I purchased at Roost here in Napa

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Waxes and Brush

I decided to use Tartan Red in the Martha Stewart Craft Paint and Stucco additive for the stenciled part. First I applied 2 coats of ASCP Old Ochre with a sponge brush.

After 1st coat of ASCP

No sanding before painting and after 2 coats I had great coverage. I sanded down edges to distress it a little, applied the stencil and stucco paint with a Martha Stewart Sponge Dobber (love them!)  Lastly applied a coat of clear wax and a few streaks of dark wax for the aged look. I LOVE the way it turned out!!!! What do you think?

corner and side of wooden tray

wooden tray after

I love the bumpy stucco look of the stencil.

So see how fun it can be to combine your two Crafting loves Annie and Martha!

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The Makena Mae Lamp

Hi this is a story of a little PB lamp that got left behind at Goodwill she was never used, still with her price tag on. She looked so sweet and lonely there.  My friend Nicole and I decided to rescue her for the small amount of 6.99.  Lucky for me, Nicole is having a baby girl…….Makena Mae any day now. So I had a sweet burlapy vision and this is what I came up with.

The Makena Mae Lamp

She is sharing a room with big brother Mason so we couldn’t get to froufrou, but I couldn’t resist adding a sweet burlap/tulle flower and a little burlap ruffle.

Now to be honest this is my first lampshade makeover and it is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, so it definitely not perfect. There’s a lot of “shabby” in the shabby chic. I had the material and buttons so for 6.99 it was worth a shot.

Here she is when we found her.

Makena Mae lamp before

Makena Mae lamp before with PB price tag

I spray painted and distressed the base with Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint. I took the material off the lampshade covered it with the light burlap material and used spray adhesive to attach it. Then put the trims on with a glue gun, hand cut the flowers out, hot glued them and attached the buttons.   Here is almost the identical before from Pottery Barn Kids, Check out the price.

This is a small scale project compared to Mr. Goodwill Hunting but he definitely is an inspiration to me!

Burlap/tulle flower

Burlap/tulle flower

One more look……..

The Makena Mae Lamp

What do you think?

I hope you are having a great weekend!



shabby creek cottage

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In Love with an Old Window….

I am here with a new before and after. I fell in love with this old chippy wooden window at an estate sale and for $5 even my husband couldn’t say no to this love affair. Here is what he looked like before:

I could see his potential

and you can see my reflection in the window….

After I had my first adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I knew he would be my next victim subject.

So I applied 2 layers of Old Ochre then just a few swipes with Duck Egg to add to the texture and make him look his age.

Old Window with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

To the left of the picture is 2 coats of Old Ochre with swipes of Duck Egg, on the right side of the picture is after 2 coats of clear wax with a little dark wax over it. I can not express how much I LOVE Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.   Can you see why?

So in Phase 2 I chipped away all the plaster holding in the glass panes and carefully removed them. I had some cork here from another project so I cut it to size and covered it with this lovely Parisian inspired fabric.

cork covered with fabric

I just hot glued the fabric around the cork, making sure there weren’t any wrinkles or creases.

The last phase was the dangerous fun part. Having never worked with chicken wire I learned to next time wear gloves. Yikes its sharp. I stole the chicken wire from my dad, he had it leftover from building his chicken coup, so note to self: next time ask dad for tips on working with chicken wire before you actually do the project. I used my staple gun and stapled one side of the chicken wire to the back of the window frame, cut it to size with needle-nose pliers (next time I will use something that will cut easier) and stapled the rest into place. This is how it looked after 1 side complete

one side with chicken wire

The opposite side I did the same. I bent the wire down with pliers after I stapled it all, to hold the cork in place. I am going to hang it right in my entry, the first thing everyone sees when they walk in the door. I think it will be fun to change out the pictures etc. for each holiday. So watch out mister you are going to be dressed up for Valentine’s day. Every mans dream come true.

window after

His close-up

What do you all think? I’d love to hear your feedback!

I really want to take the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint class at Roost Consignment on the 28th but after not working due to my shoulder for 5 months I can’t really justify spending the money yet. But it sounds like I would learn a lot! You can click here if you are interested in the info on the class.

Take Care,


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shabby creek cottage

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First Adventure with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Right before Christmas I was shopping in a great little consignment store in Napa on Lincoln Street called Roost. It is so cute. I was looking around and all of a sudden to my surprise I saw a display of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Well in all the furniture and DIY blogs I read they are always talking about how amazing this paint is for painting furniture. Especially some of my favorite blogs, Centsational Girl and Miss Mustard Seed, . So of course I HAD to try it. My mom had found the cutest little magazine rack/table at a great price and has been wanting me to repaint it to go in her new bathroom.

Magazine table before

I sanded it a little before I found the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Napa. With ASCP you do not need to sand first.  I bought a great color called Old White. I also purchased some clear wax, dark wax and a special wax brush. I did everything in the house on a drop cloth. There is no odor and easy clean up.

I applied it with a regular paint brush at first then used a sponge brush for the little feet and rounded edges. The top of this table was made of 2 pieces of wood with a seam down the middle that was cracking when it dried so is decided to just go with it and added Martha Stewart Crackle Medium to the top before the final coat. It dries in no time at all so within an hour I was brushing on a thin coat of the clear wax. Next comes the fun part, sanding. You may be cringing but it really was fun! All I did was use a little sand paper on the edges where I wanted the worn look and it just rubs off into a soft chalk. I applied another coat of clear wax and then took a little dark wax and applied it where I wanted the darker look. I emphasize a little because a little goes a very long way. When it was all done and dried it felt soft as butter and I love the way it turned out.

ASCP Magazine Table

A picture of the top with the Martha Stewart Crackle Medium

Magazine Table with Crackle

It was so nice how a little of the dark wax went in to enhance the crackle effect.

close up detail

I am looking forward to a lot of new adventures with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I can’t wait to share!!

Have a great day!!


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